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250 million reasons why Sean should of used Interrec

For whatever reason you need to securely des­troy your data, use an ISO27001 assured ser­vice pro­vider to abso­lutely des­troy your data to mil­it­ary stand­ards. As some high pro­file per­sons have found lately, choos­ing a data destruc­tion ser­vice sup­plier that is non-compliant

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Dude, where’s my data? A destruction amnesty from Interrec

Mid­lands based com­puter recyc­ling and data destruc­tion spe­cial­ists Inter­rec are play­ing their part for  World Envir­on­ment Day on June 5th to pro­mote the secure, envir­on­ment­ally friendly recyc­ling of redund­ant ICT equip­ment from Irish organ­isa­tions. Interrec’s onsite data destruc­tion and ICT

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A hard drive that self-destructs!

[authoravatars roles=administrator,editor user_link=authorpage order=display_name,asc] Run­Core, lead­ing sup­plier of high-performance solid-state drives, announces the global launch of its InVin­cible Solid State Disc drive. This SATA SSD solu­tion provides for highest data secur­ity through a spe­cial but­ton device that allows for total phys­ical

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