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For whatever reason you need to securely des­troy your data, use an ISO27001 assured ser­vice pro­vider to abso­lutely des­troy your data to mil­it­ary stand­ards. As some high pro­file per­sons have found lately, choos­ing a data destruc­tion ser­vice sup­plier that is non-compliant can be quite costly.

Simply eras­ing or san­it­iz­ing your Hard Drives does not guar­an­tee that all of your cli­ent, credit card or other import­ant inform­a­tion is non-retrievable. Phys­ic­ally des­troy­ing your Hard Drives is the only method to ensure data is non-retrievable, which Inter­rec can provide on-site at your premises at zero cost when recyc­ling 30+ ICT systems.

Inter­rec can guar­an­tee destruc­tion of data on all hard drives and media devices.

All organ­isa­tions should be con­cerned when dis­pos­ing of old  ICT equip­ment, though some­times the costs can be pro­hib­it­ive and equip­ment is left stored or dis­posed without the neces­sary pro­ced­ures being adhered to. It’s an all too com­mon prob­lem that doesn’t present itself until its too late cost­ing, as we have seen lately in some cases, mil­lions of Euros of damage.

Inter­rec Ire­land offer a zero cost onsite data destruc­tion ser­vice to any organ­isa­tion that is recyc­ling 30+ com­puter sys­tems (pcs/ servers/ laptops). There is no col­lec­tion fee and no charge for the other ICT items includ­ing print­ers, mon­it­ors, scan­ners and mixed electrical ICT items.

There are many reg­u­la­tions regard­ing com­puter and other data that must now be adhered to. Do not take a chance with your data get­ting into the wrong hands. Inter­rec are ISO27001 approved and have spent the last 10 years in Ire­land wip­ing Hard Drives and media devices for many lead­ing organ­isa­tions & gov­ern­ment bodies.

Inter­rec can wipe or phys­ic­ally des­troy ANY type of drives includ­ing SCSIIDEATASATA and PATA onsite at your premises.

Tapes, media disks and flop­pies are mag­net­ic­ally wiped to US mil­it­ary stand­ards using CESG veri­fied and approved equipment.

We can provide:

  • Com­plete count and  audit of all hard drive serial num­bers of hard drives/ media to be wiped.
  • Digital pic­ture images of all hard drive labels.
  • Cer­ti­fic­a­tion of com­pleted hard drive ster­il­iz­a­tion process.
  • Onsite destruc­tion ser­vice available

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Technical Director at Interrec B.V Ireland, providing zero cost computer recycling & data destruction services in Ireland & the UK. Contact me for a no-obligation quote for your ICT equipment.

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