Asset Inventory

Interrec’s cli­ent focused solu­tions enable com­pan­ies learn to earn when dis­pos­ing of com­puter equipment

Interrec’s tailored solu­tions enable us to assess our cli­ents’ require­ments on a case-by-case basis and can provide an accur­ate quote for your equip­ment prior to any pro­ject being undertaken.Computer Recycling

In order to provide this assess­ment, Inter­rec will request an asset invent­ory detail­ing approx­im­ate spe­cific­a­tion and quant­it­ies of equip­ment to be retired. From this list and through our extens­ive broker chan­nel, we will advise as to whether there is any resid­ual value in the equip­ment, which will be used to off­set asso­ci­ated retire­ment costs.

In the event that there is little or no resid­ual value, Inter­rec will raise an invoice for the dif­fer­ence and sub­ject to the customer’s author­isa­tion, com­plete the disposal.

Inter­rec recog­nises that in many cases IT depart­ments do not have the time or resource to carry out an invent­ory of equip­ment. In these instances, we can come onsite and carry out this invent­ory on our cli­ents’ behalf.

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