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Jack and Jill Pledge Your PC Campaign

Pledge Your PCs to The Jack and Jill Children’s Found­a­tion  by using Interrec’s Secure Data Destruc­tion and Com­puter Recyc­ling Ser­vices which are already at zero cost*. Irish com­pan­ies are faced with many secur­ity issues when it comes to the eth­ical recyc­ling of ICT assets, not only do they need to ensure the imme­di­ate data destruc­tion meth­ods are approved, they must also ensure that the equip­ment is eth­ic­ally recycled so as to avoid any future down­stream dump­ing issues.

Down­load Pledge Your PC Overview

Inter­rec offers a zero cost onsite data destruc­tion ser­vice and fully com­pli­ant recyc­ling ser­vice for com­pan­ies that have 30 sys­tems or more to dis­pose of.

Inter­rec are provid­ing solu­tions for com­pan­ies, char­it­ies and schools nation­wide. Recyc­ling with Inter­rec offers:

- best prac­tice policy for ICT equip­ment (down­load report 2010)

- zero cost onsite mil­it­ary grade data destruction*

- zero cost cer­ti­fied recyc­ling of all ICT equipment*

- zero cost nation­wide col­lec­tion ser­vice (not out­sourced to a third party)

- fully com­pli­ant inform­a­tion security/ data destruc­tion pro­ced­ure [ISO 27001 certified]

- full down­stream audit trail**

- refur­bished com­puter sys­tems are offered at low cost to Irish schools

A cer­ti­fic­ate of destruc­tion is issued for all equip­ment eth­ic­ally recycled with Interrec.

 *min 30 sys­tems at one location
 **Inter­rec audit all down­stream recyc­ling part­ners in Europe to ensure Inter­na­tional stand­ards are main­tained through­out mater­i­als recycling
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Technical Director at Interrec B.V Ireland, providing zero cost computer recycling & data destruction services in Ireland & the UK. Contact me for a no-obligation quote for your ICT equipment.

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