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Recycling Computers? get a FREE onsite data destruction voucher worth €175

All organ­isa­tions should be con­cerned when dis­pos­ing of old  ICT equip­ment, though some­times the costs can be pro­hib­it­ive and equip­ment is left stored or dis­posed of without the neces­sary pro­ced­ures being adhered to. Its an all too com­mon prob­lem that

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Onsite Data Destruction — a must for org’s recycling computers

On Site Data Destruc­tion Any organ­isa­tion pre­par­ing to recycle their equip­ment must first think about data secur­ity. Inter­rec works with many organ­isa­tions and pub­lic sec­tor bod­ies that need cor­por­ate data destruc­tion sys­tems in place to pro­tect their intel­lec­tual data. Not

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Secure Computer Recycling

Inter­rec provide a com­mod­ity index linked price for your com­puter recyc­ling equip­ment. We can ensure that your com­pany ticks all of the boxes when dis­pos­ing of their end of life e-waste and we will not be beaten on price for your

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