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A hard drive that self-destructs!

[authoravatars roles=administrator,editor user_link=authorpage order=display_name,asc] Run­Core, lead­ing sup­plier of high-performance solid-state drives, announces the global launch of its InVin­cible Solid State Disc drive. This SATA SSD solu­tion provides for highest data secur­ity through a spe­cial but­ton device that allows for total phys­ical

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Why pay for computer recycling?

[show_avatar] Times are tough, we hear it every­day and uncon­sciously we are all keep­ing an eye on the pen­nies and cents. Unlock the value in your redund­ant I.T equipment, remember “We Buy WEEE.” Your com­puter equip­ment at its end of

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3-Pass DoD Data Destruction

[show_avatar email=eoghancrosby align=left]Six years after the revi­sions and more research and data on san­it­iz­a­tion, people still ask about DoD 3-pass san­it­iz­a­tion. The truth of it is at this point it doesn’t exist. The DoD has decided that secure inform­a­tion that

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Computer recycling: assess the risk

How con­fid­ent are you that your dis­carded end-of-life IT assets aren’t going to come back to haunt you? [show_avatar align=left avatar_size=80]Consider this: Com­puters, con­tain­ing hun­dreds of cus­tomer files includ­ing account num­bers and bal­ances, are often lis­ted for sale on eBay

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Secure Data Destruction

Any lapse in IT data secur­ity can per­man­ently dam­age your company’s repu­ta­tion and no com­pany wants a fin­an­cial hit dur­ing these times. It is often the case that con­ven­tional secur­ity pro­cesses leave sens­it­ive data vul­ner­able. Secure Data Eras­ure: one in four

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