Secure Data Destruction

Any lapse in IT data secur­ity can per­man­ently dam­age your company’s repu­ta­tion and no com­pany wants a fin­an­cial hit dur­ing these times. It is often the case that con­ven­tional secur­ity pro­cesses leave sens­it­ive data vulnerable.

  • Secure Data Eras­ure: one in four hard drive erases fail
  • Phys­ical destruc­tion: fails to provide audit­able proof and des­troys asset value
  • Encryp­tion: even when suc­cess­ful, sens­it­ive data remains on the hard drive
  • Stor­age: highly vul­ner­able to loss or theft

The bot­tom line is, if you can’t prove secur­ity, you don’t have secur­ity. That’s why the team at Inter­rec provide a zero cost Asset Dis­pos­i­tion Ser­vice which includes pro­cesses optim­ised to not only veri­fi­ably erase hard drives, but to secure data on each seri­al­ized asset through­out the entire recov­ery and recyc­ling process.

Our trained staff check─ at every point in the chain-of-custody ─ to verify 100% of the assets are secure thoughout the dis­pos­i­tion process.


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