A hard drive that self-destructs!

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Run­Core, lead­ing sup­plier of high-performance solid-state drives, announces the global launch of its InVin­cible Solid State Disc drive. This SATA SSD solu­tion provides for highest data secur­ity through a spe­cial but­ton device that allows for total phys­ical destruc­tion with a single click.

The Run­Core InVin­cible SSDs allow you to pro­tect sens­it­ive data from third party access in two ways with a single click. One method is the intel­li­gent elim­in­a­tion of all your data through over­writ­ing the entire disk with mean­ing­less code. This overwrite-deletion method ensures that there is no way to poten­tially recover pre­vi­ous data stored to the device, effect­ively set­ting you SSD back to fact­ory default.

A less subtle method is the phys­ical destruc­tion of your SSD by apply­ing an over-current to the NAND flash memory and thereby phys­ic­ally des­troy­ing these. The Run­Core InVin­cible product series is cater­ing to embed­ded com­puter sys­tems requir­ing high-speed serial switched fab­ric inter­con­nects for rugged design imple­ment­a­tion and more flex­ible power ranges. Deliv­er­ing optim­ized stor­age options par­tic­u­larly in mission-critical fields such aerospace, mil­it­ary and gen­eral indus­trial applications.

Watch the video demo

If you don’t have a self destruct­ing hard drive though want the same phys­ical destruc­tion of all your media devices, con­tact Inter­rec as we provide a zero cost recyc­ling and data destruc­tion ser­vice. Nation­wide col­lec­tion ser­vice available.



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