It’s not e-waste,  it’s an opportunity!

Most IT asset recov­ery and dis­pos­i­tion com­pan­ies see sur­plus tech­no­logy as a com­mod­ity to be dis­posed of quickly and cheaply. That approach cre­ates a future for used tech­no­logy that looks a lot like the past: where data breaches are com­mon, com­pan­ies have to pay for the collection/ treat­ment, get cents from resale and the tech­no­logy is dis­posed pre­ma­turely that doesn’t pro­mote best prac­tice reuse policies.

At Inter­rec, we pro­mote the activ­ity of secure, sus­tain­able WEEE value gen­er­a­tion. We take it for gran­ted that your end-of-life ICT assets are an oppor­tun­ity to cre­ate value.

We recycle?

You betcha we recycle, which cre­ates skilled jobs here in Ire­land, though only after all reusable value has been retrieved from the assets.

Inter­rec provides a com­pre­hens­ive ser­vice that decom­mis­sions and dis­poses out-dated and obsol­ete com­puters, print­ers, mon­it­ors, com­pon­ents, sub-assemblies, parts and other elec­tronic office equipment.

Where pos­sible, sys­tems are tested, repaired and upgraded as neces­sary and sold as low spe­cific­a­tion work­ing units in Ire­land. Retrieved items are then sor­ted, shred­ded or baled and sent to spe­cial­ist recyclers for pro­cessing into reusable raw materials.